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Master Thesis, Seminars & Praktikum

All colleagues are reachable via their email following this pattern firstname.lastname@ziti.uni- heidelberg.de and/or firstname.lastname@uni-heidelberg.de . Please contact them directly to find out more about your topics of interest. We also welcome other topics suggested by motivated students as far as it has enough synergy with our core activities and expertise. All listed topics can be tailored into seminars, praktikum or master thesis projects based on mutual discussion and agreement.

Contact Person
A Learning-based Distributed Routing Methodology for Constraint-driven Placement Luke Vassallo
Designing Many-core Processors with Compute-in-Memory Capable SRAM Macros Luke Vassallo
Design of Spintronic-based approximate circuits Gulafshan Mau
Tiny Machine Learning in Healthcare Applications Amin Aminifar
Federated Machine Learning in Healthcare Applications Amin Aminifar
Dynamic thread scheduling in GPGPUs using machine learning Pouria Hasani
Automated hardware design using machine learning Pouria Hasani
Exploring Approximate Computing Techniques in Fused Layers for Simultaneous Reduction of Memory and Computational Load Pouria Hasani
Advancing Compiler Development for Mitigating Read-After-Write Hazards through Approximation Strategies Pouria Hasani
Non-invasive blood glucose estimation using wearables (e.g., based on PPG-ECG signals) and machine learning Soheil Khooyooz
Respiratory anomaly detection using wearables (e.g., based on PPG-ECG signals) and machine learning Soheil Khooyooz
Energy-efficient low-cost wearable health monitoring SmartWatch fabrication Soheil Khooyooz
Signal processing using in-memory computing hardware Nima Taherinejad
General-purpose approximate computing with GPU and CPU Nima Taherinejad
Design of Approximate Systolic-Array-based Matrix Multipliers for Use in Tensor Processing Units (TPU) Nima Amirafshar
Design of Approximate FPGA-Based Multipliers. Nima Amirafshar
Design of Approximate Floating-Point Multipliers Nima Amirafshar
Measuring blood pressure using ballistocardiography during sleep Mostafa Haghi
Quantification of health status of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) patients using wearable devices Mostafa Haghi
Advancements in Sleep Position Detection: Bridging the Gap for Hypoglossal Stimulation Marvin Stoffers
Deep Reinforcement Learning for VLSI Physical Design Luke Vassallo
Analysis of Data-centric Computer Organisation and Architecture Luke Vassallo
Design and implementation of an emotion-based robot to increase attention in autistic children, utilizing electroencephalogram and plethysmography signals. Soheil Khooyooz
Classification of baby crying sounds to assist parents in timely consolation. Soheil Khooyooz

PhD/Post Doc

Check our applications below and apply for the one fitting your interests and background, and let others in your network know about it.
If you are interested or need more for more information, contact at nima[dot]taherinejad[at]ziti[dot]uni-heidelberg[dot]de.
Please bear in mind that only applicants that apply exactly as instructed and with a complete application will be considered
and will receive an answer regarding their application, once the process is finished.

Postdoc Position - Computer Architecture/VSLI (f/m/d)

Please find detailed information here.